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Nilesh Joshi on 15 September 2016
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Rude Behaivor by PSK officer

To whomsoever it may concern, This is in reference to the recent encounter which I and my Mother (who is applicant for passport) faced at Passport Seva Kendra, Thane on 12th, September 016. I am really annoyed as well as deeply sadden by the fact how one of the employees at the PSK behaved with us. It was so not acceptable from the employee. My mother Smt. Radha Devi Joshi (Age 75) along with me (Mr. Nilesh Joshi) had applied for passport for my mother and we got an appointment date of 12th, September 016. Reporting time was 3 PM and appointment time was 3:15 PM. Our documents were verified by a very polite employee at the verification queue for senior citizens. Below are the documents which we had taken along with us: 1. Application Form 2. Aadhar Card 3. Pan Card 4. Electricity Bill 5. Gas Bill 6. Affidavit showing D.O.B of my Mother and also showing she is a widow of my Late Father which was duly attested by Notary. Later, once document was verified we were assigned with Token Number- S115 and we proceeded to the counter number A10. Again, a very polite and humble female employee duly verified all the documents again and verified some routine questions with me and my mother and then proceeded with the verification of all the details were correct or not. She took my mother’s photo and thumb impression and asked us to move to the next counter once the token number flashes. This is the counter wherein we faced humiliation, inappropriate behavior and one of the most illogical things in this world. Counter number was B1. Employee name which we could find was Mr Hiralal. (Not sure if this is the correct name). He took a glance at our application and randomly checks some papers, He then asks and I quote, “Please give School Leaving Certificate”. To which I replied, “We do not have school leaving certificate as my Mother did not attend school”. He then says something which is disturbing and at the same time illogical, “How can your mother know to do signature if she did not go to the school”. I was shocked for a moment by the reply but then I composed myself and replied by saying my mother stayed in a rural village in India and my grandparents could not afford school. There were hardly any schools at that time. He then says, “If you do not have School Leaving Certificate then please provide me with Birth Certificate”. I mentioned that we have attached original Affidavit showing the date of birth along with the other details”. He says something really terrible, “All these are waste of documents”. It was really embarrassing what I and my mother who is elderly female citizen of India had to face. He was very rude to me and my mother. He was constantly asking to select another date when documents can be ready. He was not ready to listen to any facts or any kind of talks and very stubborn individual who wanted to get rid of his work at the counter which had come. Due to this inappropriate behavior I had to forcefully and unwillingly select date of 14th September, 016. Here are some really important facts which you as a department has to consider, my mother is a diabetic patient and also has an acute condition of allergic disorders during the recent 6 months. She stays alone and is almost under no observation during the day. This has really made her condition severe and medicines are not able help in getting her recover. I, her son, due to nature of my job stays outside India who had specifically travelled to India for the entire purpose to get her the passport and once I come again in November (hopefully) can take her along with me when Passport arrives. This would help me get her a better medical checkup and will help her recover a little faster. At this point of time my entire time, money and energy (which are three important aspects) along with humiliation, got wasted and i am back to point Zero. I would like to make following request and information to you and your team: 1. I had to travel back from India on 13th Sept, 2016 and hence we could not go to the next date given on 14th Sept. Now what happens next? Can anyone help us with this information? 2. I have read all the necessary required information from the website, there is nowhere mentioned that School leaving certificate is required as a mandatory document. Is there any change in this? 3. The documents which I have mentioned in the above, is that sufficient to apply for the passport. Or is there any other document needed? 4. Will my mother be black listed to apply for passport if there is no show on the date which was given, cancelling our chances to apply for fresh passport again? Please requesting you to look in to the above matter as closely as possible since it involves an very elderly citizen of India who has seen a lot of ups and down in her life and last thing at this age she wants to be humiliated and embarrassed by person who is as uncivilized as an animal. While sitting at the waiting area for token, there was a beautiful hoarding message of Mahatma Gandhi which said, “A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so.” I hope to hear a comforting reply from your department as soon as possible. You can reach me via email or there is care off number of my sister Mrs. Pushpa Upadhyay 225) whom you can also contact related to this matter. Nilesh Joshi. Contact Number: 9674 Email Address: nijoshi@qatarairways.com.qa/ @gmail.com