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Hari Prasad on 26 August 2016
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Inconsistancy in issuing Voter ID

I have been applying for voter ID card since i was 18 years old. Now I am 24 years old and still waiting for my Voter ID. I have given my id proof and passport photograph more than 5 times, almost at every election season. I have been told that my records have been misplaced at-least twice. This week i have been asked to come "tomorrow" twice. Either its "rush time" or the concerned officer is unavailable or its come next month or next week. I have waited this long and i think i wont be tolerating this anymore. My voter ID has been generated, i have my EPIC number (RTO1800663) too. When asked i have been told that the voter ids will be given in colour from b/w and was asked to come next month. When i went the next month, i was told that the voter ID was going to be clubbed with Aadhar card. I have been given a catalog list of reasons and i dont know what i should do more to get my voter ID. as far as i know i have filled the forms perfectly, given my latest picture (more than 5 times) but to no avail. I have been asked to come "next week" when i visited the voter id office today. I will be going back on Monday. I have endured great physical and mental distress and next week will be the last time i visit the office. Its not enough to propagate that voting is one''s birthright. Its equally imperative to issue voter ids promptly more so if the forms are filled right; that too multiple times. I urge you to take required action towards this inconsistency at the earliest. P.S When i filled the forms for the final time, i was asked to collect the voter ID on 3rd february 015. (i have the voters slip to prove it). its August 2016 now and i still am waiting for my id.

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