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Shishir Deshmukh on 09 August 2016
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Threatening and snatching a belongings

Few month before,I have given complaint about Mr. Vikram Kher but it was matter out of jurisdiction of police .actually as per my knowledge FIR can be launch for use of If One used to AGHORI VIDHYA AND JADDU TONA TO TAKE MONEY. Now It is another complaint against college authority who deceived me. I prof Shishir Deshmukh is an estranged professor still working as HOD mechanical deptt. at Nutan Maharashtra Institute of Engg and Tech.college at Talegaon I had still not been paid my salaries since Jan 016. Reasons still not known to me. I had neither put my resignation or any valid and substantial reasons. As ,I had initiated a crusade against persons who are deeply involved in corrupt practices and try to make me responsible for all their misdeeds. During my visit to NMITE on /June/July 016, it was observed that my room was broken by the college administration and my valuable belongings are missing from my chamber. On enquiring from Principal. It was told that the principal(Rajendra Kanphade) along with three persons whose names are mentioned below had broken my lock without my permission and had asked administrative deptt. To communicate to me that yes we had broken and taken away my belongings and also said that . ask him to do whatever i could do against them, Even My Form 16 of Income Tax also not given which is mandatory. Principal Rajendra Kanphade Said ,. They had relationship in different political clouts with BJP and ..Rashtrawadi Congress... Any time they would smash me , hit me, abuse my family . etc.... This is continues since last 6 months. aaditional to this Rajendra Kanphade said ' we did panchanama of your Cabin on 15 Jan 2016 in presence of shri Krishnarao Bhegde. I said, I will complaint to police ,it is wrong, Principal Said,, You can,t give complaint against me,because its krishnarao bhegde college ,nobody will take complaint.Is was very shocking and surprising also, I kept quit later on. On the ground of above stated threatening I feel that since I had bought out misdoings of college and now their is threat to my life and also In my family members receive calls from college to make us weak and withdraw all proceedings against them. I their for request for security for me and my family members so that these rich and influential college authority could not threat me again for my life and personal security Also I request that an amount of Rs 000/ to put stone in a figure , was kept in my cabin and a Wrist watch ( which was broken on same day), that was kept in my bag be recovered from them. My I POD was also kept with my belongings in almari .Due to college threatened me I did not turned to college, and key of cabin was with me ensuring my belongings are safe.but It was theft or taken by Principal. Request you to recover my valuables and provide security as I have b3n threatened time and again Name of person who involve in Punchnama of my Cabin. 1.President( Shri Krishnarao Bhegde) 2.Prof Nitin Jadhav 3.Rajendra Kanphade Please take appropriate action and inform me regarding them at earliest. With regards Prof shishir Deshmukh 6614

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