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Saujanya Suryakant Nikam on 26 July 2016
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Misbehaving traffic Hawaldar

A traffic police name Shantaram sangde throw ink on car while my car was parked in senadatta police station PUNE I was in that police station for register my complaint of misplace my valuable things so that I park my car out of the police station but this man use his uniforms power for corruption and pressurise to innocent people's He throw ball pens ink on my car and punctures 3 wheels of my car badly When I asked him about that he started pressuring me and he phreat me he will put me behind the bars if I shared this thing with his seniors This Shantaram sangde (traffic Hawaldar) is completely corrupted and his behaviour is too worst so take some action on this I am attaching some photos of his while throwing ink and puncturing my car

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