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Saravanan D on 28 March 2016
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My facebook id is using by someone else

Dear all, I had been Quit from the face book more than 2 years past, since i cant rember the month and date when i quit. I had shocked today someone is using my facebook account which i had quit with my same mail id im using yahoo mail id i dont know how they stollen my credentials. While i alarmed to change the password someone is change himself as i do. The mail id i used for face boook is @yahoo.com and they had been removed my mobile number too. I was surprised that how the facebook is keeping my credentials eventhough i quit from that. The name is Stefanie at present who is using my facebook id. While i try to chane my password the person who is cracked also change themselves. Now the face book is requesting my id proof for activating my account once again. I dont know face book is asking the details are the hackers are want to know my details. My humble request is kindly delete my profile and all the credentials from the facebook. My suggestions is if a person is not using face book more than 2 months the profile must be blocked. They must be create new account for them. Kindly help in this. Thanks and regards. Saravanan. D