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Vikram Joshi on 10 February 2016
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Delay of police verification

My passport appointment was verified given receipt on 30/12/2015 and was send to police verification and i went to police station 3 to 4 times in jan they said at 1st time call at passport toll free no. After tht they said our police who are authorized for passport work is out for duty come next time after tht i went they told me chk the application form in which i had my name papper in tht so i asked to arrive at my place , again the answer was authorized person was in "bandobast" so iasked how much time it will take they said around 10to15days this is wht common man can do any thing in it another frnd of mine applied for passport in jan thn to he's police verification is done wht can ve do pllzzzz help if it dont came in feb thn i would again hav apply for another passport. Thanking you if u can help it out