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Saroj Kumar Moharana on 30 January 2016
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Voter Id Not Received

I applied for voter Id card since more than 2 years and I did not receive the card yet, I checked in the web site and found that the card number id RDV2582659. Please send me the card ASAP.

Harish Hridh

Grahakseva.com is fraud site. grahak seva cheating people by shown all private information in public

grahakseva.com is bad site and it gives your private information.

they would torture you after taken your information. Nobody responds.

All the workers should die in accidents and i pray that their body became small peaces even vultures couldn't find for torturing me and others by displaying data in to public. please complain on this site and raise voice to delete this information selling site. we got cheated by them by posting your information.

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