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Ashwani Kumar on 31 July 2015
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Mis commitment regarding job and took money

My friend named Avtar singh call me to provide a job in Glaze India pvt.Ltd.He invited me for interview on near chadravani wild life road Dehradun. when we go to interview. That give some information about company and show bright future in company. After that they said you have to submit security amount 8900 Rs.and 1880 Rs for room agreement with stamp duty .but they didn't clear about job profile.for which process they hiring. They told that your profile will be told after training there is 3 department education departnent ,file department and product department so i paid all amount 1180 Rs.This incident happened on 29th July 2015 and on 30th July they submit my documents but didn't provide any receipt of payment that's why I doubt him they making froud....sir plz help me tell me but I do.

Vishal Panchal

Yes they are fraud. I also have been there because my best friend invited me there saying that its government job in agriculture department. They first call you there like this and then start drama of decipline document verification and interview. They dont reject anybody all candidates are accepted its just drama. After paying 8800 rupees they takes some class in which they do brainwash. They tell you to call your friend and relatives. But i was already aware of like this system i do not paid them money. I warning you all of you guys dont trust this company.

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