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Rupal Shah on 07 July 2015
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Manasloyalty resort Igatpuri gold membership is a total fake

We, including 10 families, have taken gold membership of manas lifestyle Igatpuri for 2 nights 3 days which is for a year( april15-may-16). We have taken the membership through rmv group which is a franchisee for taking memberships. While taking the membership they had promised us 10 vouchers per family which they have not yet given. We are trying to book the rooms since May by different sources but they are somehow neglecting the mails and not giving us any confirmation of booking of rooms. Their excuses are the same either they cannot give us on weekends or the booking are full. It's been two and half months that this is going on and we are worried they will not provide us any booking till the years membership ends. Whenever we call instead of helping us with confirmation they fear us that we can do anything like calling police or anything but they will not give us the confirmation. We are ready to take any days of the booking whenever is available but we need some confirmation for that. Please help us guide the right way on time. Thanks Rupal Shah