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Mdiqbal Khan on 06 July 2015
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Against Pink Pearl services

I have taken work from Pink pearl services of video watching which is located in vadodara,gujrat. The sites in which they told me to work is www.videozforu.com. The owner of both is Bhavin Khandelwal(full name- Bhavin kailashbhai khandelwal). In his process To earn a rs 500 you have to work 18 hrs or more continuously.Its really hard to earn money but when i asked my hard earn money they didn't gave me till now(4 month is going to be),i have earn nearly rs 000. They always have issues and go on taking time to give money. So i request you to please help me to take out my hard earn money from them and even my money which i gave them. They have put my number in reject list now. He is a scammer.He took from me Rs 5000 cash which i deposited to them in their account,my hard earn money and made me spent Rs 8000 for internet connection and office setup. owner name - Bhavin Khandelwal assistant name - Atit ,one girl They all are scammer. Please contact me :khaniqbalkhan786@gmail.com they can give you false number or gmail to convince you thats me..so please if you need to contact then contact me through email,i will reply you for sure. Company details: Pink Pearl Services Bhavin Khandelwal 202 World Trade Centre, OPP. BBC Tower, Sayajigunj,Baroda. Handline :-+918866015678. Office :- 2753 / 1122 / 2322

MdIqbal Khan

I had lost my money in a video watching scheme in Vadodara.

The address is 202 World Trade Center 2nd Floor in sayajigunj vadodara gujarat

The office is having three names 1 vision enterprise 2 Pink pearl services 3 Bhavin enterprise

site which the owner (Bhavin Khandelwal)owe:-



i was working in videozforu.com which is the part of pinkpearl service the work was to watch video.As i said to earn Rs 500 you have to work at least 18 hrs or more than that.

i had given them 23k my earning 12k(u can think how hard i have work to earn that much) and many spenditure they made me to do like internet office setup.

It had been four month when i asked them for money they always have issue and now finally they have put my number in reject list because today was the last day they promise me to give money but they didn't.

so please help me to get back my all money that is 35k which they have...i am not adding my spenditure..

MdIqbal Khan

lol.............................what a joke

i saw your comment in april but i didn't reply to it.Today i am replying because

now days you are spreading about me that i used software to earn money you turn my hardwork into a software.

i had forgot everything that you did with me but you are now just pushing me in Mr.Bhavin Khandelwal

which software will let me watch video by clicking automatically on view button enter captcha and clicking lastly on submit button when its 49 sec.

i forget you your business and never interfere after that then why you are spreading rumor about me.

i get lots of complain mail regarding you and your business but never replied though i have many proof against you.

so don't try to interfere in my life.

live your life without using my name and let me also live that's it.

thank you