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Pawan Kumar on 25 January 2015
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Uncivilized peoples used abusive language inside the park

My problem is that some un-socialized peoples play in Nagarvan park Sagarpur that's why kids and senior citizens can't go inside the park because of fear. they usually talk in abusive language and most of the times they throw there ball inside our homes and sometimes break the glasses of our vehicle if residents of our society say something to them then they used very bad languages with all of us which is not accepted in our society. I would like to share one current issue which happened recently just 3 months before in our street. few un-socialized peoples were played in the park and coming there ball inside the shop again and again then owner of the shop requested them to not play here because your ball is coming inside my shop and it might be possible to break the glass of my cosmetic shop and after as much request they were still played there and result was that their ball hit the glass of car and it was totally damaged then shop keeper respond on that matter then they started bitten him with bat, rode and wicket and many other things and more people come to protect shop keeper otherwise they were ready to kill him and this case is still in court. I hope that you know the seriousness of this issue and try to stop playing peoples inside the part because this park is for walk, exercise and play soft games not for playing cricket and goli danda which can hurt anybody. You quick response would be highly appreciated. Your faithful, Pawan Kumar Mb # 6166 @gmail.com

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