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Monalisa on 03 June 2013

Warnings about MLM, Survey Company, and Work from Home schemes

Dear GrahakSeva Users,
We are getting lot of emails and complaints from users, inquiring about authenticity of survey companies and other MLM schemes. Apart from responding to each of them individually we thought we will also write a blog post and answer this topic to everyone.

First, there is no business model around Surveys, there is no way to earn sustained income from just participating in the survey. Ask yourself, how can a survey make profit? so much that it can be marketed at such a large scale ? Once you start thinking about it you will realize that this is a fake scheme. Yet another MLM scheme which will sweep membership fees from millions of people and in the end your dream of sustained income will be shattered.

So, its our straight NO and a request to all the users who are thinking about joining Survey company. Please control your greed. Money can be made only by hard work and skills. If you are a student focus on your studies, if you have a job focus on your work and get promotion, if you are housewife don't waste your husband's hard earned money by participating in any work from home schemes.

We already started receiving complaints from users that survey companies are not sending cheques as promised during membership signup. For some the cheques are getting bounced. So, stay tuned for one more employment opportunity scam.

If this article makes sense to you, and you agree with our views, please spread the word, share this article to your friends.

All the best.
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